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COMPARE MYSELF WITH MYSELF | Assalamualaikum to all my internet family. Comparing with what you have to what other people have accomplished can really kill your motivation! Please STOP comparing yourself with others. There will always people ahead you. Don’t push yourself to catch the same phase with them. Previously I do have that habit too. Always feel insecure with my current skin condition & in fact the best thing to do is compare myself with myself.

So today, I would like to share you guys my few photos of my previously skin condition till today result. When I look at these few photos then I realized I should feel bless that I still got the chances to improve it.

Reviewing my skin result is important to see where I have did wrong in the past to avoid similar missteps further on. Its great motivator to see how much I have improved and how far the result come. Its work on me when I started to know myself better. I know what my body needs and don’ts too.

I would like to announce that I already STOP from ACCUTANE. I just took it for 3 months then I stop, when my acne pops up again I start to consume it back for 1 month then when my skin getting better I stop. I really don’t want to make myself depending on that pills. And the pills is not cheap okay. As for now my skin condition already under control, should thanks to Accutane too if not my acne will be hard to cure. If you are new in my blog you guys can refer to my previous BlogSpot What Is Accutane too HERE.

What I do to maintain my skin? I practice my lifestyle with EAT CLEAN.  Juice every day, APPLE, ORANGE, CARROT, WATERMELON, BANANA and etc. Now I already reduce myself from eating chicken, meat, junk food, fast food and unhealthy snack too. The result was positive! So let’s continues with eat clean guys. It doesn’t cause you to spend so much of clinic bills, BUT of course you cannot see the result in the short period as it naturally cure inside of your body slowly.

The obvious result I can see if I less drink sky juice, WOW! Clog pores here and there, dry skin around chin and forehead then acne start to come out again. But it’s hard for me to always drink 3L per day especially during PUASA month. If you care about your skin you have too! Force to drink it’s not only for skin but it’s good for your body to get rid of toxic too.

Remember to have fun. Try to always having a good mood so that you’ll stay motivated to do and finish it. Using cleanser, moisturizer, toner, make up & end up with make-up remover. Repeat this routine everyday even sometimes I get tired of doing all that thing at first but now I always excited to apply all that before going out.

Here I share you guys my 3 chronology story of my skin condition as below photos.

June 2016

April 2016
Can read HERE.

Dec 2013
Can read HERE.
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  1. I always compare my self with other.... at the end of the day. I hurt myself.

    1. you should not. be proud and be happy to be yourself kak ika

  2. boleh cuba krim Firmax3, khusus untuk stabilkan hormon..

    1. tak kut sbb takut nk try apa2 krim pun. cure inside lagi baik for now kut heheh dah oky nnt baru ke next step


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